Purely Hand-made,
a special pair of crystal wedding shoes - just for you.

ReSarah wedding shoes, two generations of inheritance and persistence, hand-made by professional Taiwanese shoemakers, tailor-made wedding shoes with Swarovski flat base crystal. The semantic of ReSarah is “Forever Princess”, and we advocate for all brides to own their very unique pair of shoes for the special occasion, to witness the foremost important moment in life, to become a true princess forever.

When you put on your ReSarah wedding shoes, you’ll shine like a star and transform into prince and princess!

How to Order
  • How long does it take to craft a ReSarah shoe after order?
    Usually regular takes about 30 days, but if there is a special custom request, the wait can be a bit longer. ReSarah wedding shoe are customize handmade, every step from material preparation, sewing & stitching, quality check and package for delivery. Every step is carefully monitor by the crafter.
  • My feet are little uneven and wider than usual, I am still able to order ReSarah wedding shoe?
    ReSarah wedding shoe are custom made, we will match your feet size to custom fit your shoe. You can decide your width and size depend on your personal needs.
  • What are the heel heights options?
    For pointed-toe shoes, you can customize from 3cm,5cm,6.5cm,8.5cm,9.5cm. For round-toe shoes, you can customize from 7cm,9cm,12cm,increase comfort on 7cm and 9cm we added a 1cm of interior padding and for 12cm we added 2 interior padding to soften and relief the pressure build on your feet. On 2017 we design new wedding flats to give our customers more options.
  • What materials are used to make these shoes?
    ReSaraha wedding shoe can be made of shining flannel and lace fabrics. Part of classic shoe are styled with Swarovski flat crystals element. The interior paddings are made with real leather which provide the comfort for bride’s feet. On 2019 we increase the choice of arch insole, hope to provide multiple comfort for different foot shapes. Also gradually increase new fabric such us shinning glitter, gradient glitter and gloss sheepskin... e.t.c.
  • My wedding is coming up really soon and I really hope I can get a pair of ReSarah wedding shoe, am I able to make a rush order? Do you have shoes already in stock?
    ReSarah wedding shoe are custom made, therefore we will not have any shoe in stock. Everyone’s need of shoe is different, as mention before it will take 30 days for the shoe to be made, but to assist in dire needs, you are welcome to visit our store and get in contact with our sales person. The sales person might be able to introduce you to option which might be able to fit your time schedule with no extra cost.
  • Can we customize my own design in the wedding shoe?
    Here at ReSarah, we are happy to assist you with your own design on your wedding shoe, but the details needs to be discuss with ReSarah’s professional sales person. Do remember that this is going to your custom design shoe, you must prepare your design for us first. Also, customize shoe are not refundable or exchange. Order cannot be cancelled. Different customize shoe will have different preparation time.
  • I am not a bride, but can I order a customize ReSarah shoe? ReSarah only make wedding shoe?
    Yes! You are welcome to order a customize shoe for work or any daily events. ReSarah not only make wedding shoe, but we also design shoe for men. We also offer gift cards in 3 different range for ordering different style of custom shoe. This is a great way to gift to family and friends. Also provide the service for brides' dearest mom and elder. ReSarah also have a sister brand “I Love ME” which also have a lot of selections for all occasions.
  • I live oversea, how do I order a ReSarah wedding shoe?
    We are willing to provide custom service for oversea brides. You can contact us through our Facebook Fan page. Please assist to provide us the pictures you draw your foot while you stand on the paper and size you used to wear. Then our shoes master can determine what size suits for you. Oversea orders have complete the payment first before the shoe can be made. Shipping and handling in not included. We are working hard to expand our reach over sea, we hope to provide our services to brides worldwide.
  • Is there any way make my wedding shoe more unique?
    ReSarah has a “Golden Print” Service, we can print the name of the bride, gloom and wedding date on your shoe for the special moment that you wanted to cherish. There are various font styles and pattern to choose from. The iron will also be given to customer which can be used as a letter sealer. The iron is currently priced at NTD 500.
  • Where are the shoes made?
    ReSarah shoe are all made in Taiwan with government approved. (MIT Smile Logo) A small part of shoes are made in China.
  • How often does ReSarah come out with new lineups?
    ReSarah push out new lineup every half a year, you are welcome to check out our website or Facebook page for new details.
  • Will there be any special offers?
    ReSarah does held seasonal promotions occasionally, please check out details on our web page or Facebook page.
  • What is the “happily forever event”?
    Every ReSarah will participate wedding fair time to time, during the event, we will invite all wedding related partners, together we will answer all future husbands and wives of any questions before and or preparing for wedding. Check out our web site or follow our Facebook page.
  • What is the server after purchase?
    Our shoe has a half year warrantee, if you encounter any problem, you are welcome to call us at 02-2567-3357. Speak to our customer service and we will assist you on the details.
  • Is there a product review period, can I return it if I change my mind?
    The shoes are custom made, there is no return or exchange. Make sure you examine the shoe and try out before you take the shoe.
  • How do I clean the shoe?
    Suggest you can bring it to professional shoe cleaner and consult with the master.
  • How to maintain?
    we suggest:
    1.Don’t wear the same shoe continually for multiple days.
    2.When wearing the shoe, hold on to the heel and put on the shoe.
    3.Keep the fabric side of the shoe away from water.
    4.When not wearing, you can put white paper inside the shoe to suck up the moist and also help with the shoe to stay in shape.
    5.When you shoe is wet, first wipe the dirt off the shoe, use cloth to suck up the exceed water then use a white paper and stuff it in the shoe to soak up the exceeded water. Then place the shoe a somewhere cool and let it air dry. Do not sue blow dryer, dryer or sun dry, these methods would shorten the quality of leather of the shoe.
    6.You can use the deodorant cleaning spray to clean you shoe. Remember to put your shoe in the dust bag, before put it back in the shoe box.
Traditional Custom
  • Is wedding shoe a must buy? You can’t see the shoe while wearing the wedding dress, right?
    By tradition, the gloom will put on the wedding shoe for the bridge, then the bride will either step on a tile, over a small stove or small chair for the photographer to capture the moment. These scenarios must be prepared beforehand! There is the happy moment where the gloom will put on the shoe for the bride, special photo of the shoe and the ring and not to mention walking down the aisle and the first dance. The wedding shoe will be seen.
  • The wedding shoe will only be wear once, does it has to be custom made?
    The wedding shoe will be worn more than once. For photoshop, engagement, night before wedding date and the wedding. Later on, when you attend other parties/gatherings or even to work, it is not only fashionable stylish but also support the bridge when she need to stand for a long day. Comfort is very important. Custom shoe will assist the bridge to move around the ceremony without any discomfort.
  • Why does it has to be Pumps shoe?
    There are many to choose from, but never choose one showing your toes. It is best that both the front, back and sides are covered. In tradition, this means that the mirage is coved from all sides and will help gathering wealth. If wearing shoe with less cover, it means that the wealth will slip thought.
  • Does the wedding shoe has to be brand new?
    When the bridge leaves her old home, she must not carry even one dust from her family. Therefore, yes, the shoe has to be brand new, and you can’t not borrow from others. For photoshoot, you can wear you daily shoe and only change to wedding shoe when you have reach the shooting spot. Clean the shoe after the wedding shoot is over.
  • Wedding shoe cannot be white?
    Some elderly thinks white color brings bad luck, but in western countries, white wedding dress usually matches with white shoe. In the 19th centuries bridge in Europe wears white wedding gowns because white stands for pure and wearing white in the chapel is showing their purity before god. If wearing white shoe is a concern, pink, red and gold color shoe are some good options.
  • When preparing 6 gifts (the traditional custom of Chinese wedding), is wedding shoe a must?
    In traditional engagement, gloom and bridge have prepare 6 gifts for each other. Shoe is one of the gifts. Wearing new shoe on the wedding day will bring good fortunate to both.
  • After the wedding, how to care for the shoe, does it have to be placed somewhere high?
    In tradition, shoe should be kept at a high place, signifying the bridge will have a good life and be safe. But now people think the shoe should be worn and not just stored it. It is a custom made shoe, don’t waste it.
  • What is the tradition on the shoe?
    Shoe’s pronunciation is similar “harmony” in Chinese, meaning husband and wife can stay in harmony and peace. In order days, copper mirror and shoe was used with the same harmony concept.